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Experiential Training


In 2024, we will launch our PsyA-EMDR experiential training retreats in the Netherlands. These training opportunities are specifically designed for EMDR therapists, with the Adaptive Information Processing (AIP) model at the heart of our transformational approach.


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AIP informed preparation techniques will prepare you for your bespoke psilocybin training experience. Over a 5-day immersive retreat, you will have the opportunity to experience a therapeutic psychedelic journeying, in addition to receiving training in how to support others to do the same. 


Our team includes an interdisciplinary selection of highly trained psychotherapists and psychologists, each with a range of expertise and a wealth of experience; including working as psychedelic therapists on UK based clinical trials; professionals qualified in psychedelic assisted therapy; and specialists in psychedelic integration tools to optimise the healing potential of these substances. AIP informed integration will conclude your experience.

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